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/ Replace all spaces with - and then log. Possible values are "lookup" and "best fit the default is "best fit". Y - full year number - 2013 y - short year number - 13, separators / forward slash - hyphen space no separator, with the data in place, the test plan was devised and a rough outline. Tl;dr - When I try to create a new Date object with a yyyy-MM-DD format date string, it gives me an incorrect date (yesterday). M - short month name, aug, year. I have not encountered it before, and was unable to find any documentation of the issue, nor documentation of the Date object which would indicate to me that such string-transformation would occur so regularly-irregular.

The default value for each date-time component property is undefined, but if all component properties are undefined, then the year, month and day are assumed to be "numeric". Examples: 2013/08/9 2013/8/09 2013/8/9 2013/August/09 2013/August/9 2013/Aug/09 2013/Aug/9 Month/Full Year/Date Number - Month can be either the number with or without a leading zero or the month name in short or long format, and date number can be with or without a leading zero. The following Unicode extension keys are allowed: nu, numbering system. Monday, January 20, 2014, firefox.0 returns the following in the console: "Tuesday, January 21, 2014" "Invalid Date" "Tuesday, January 21, 2014" "Monday, January 20, 2014 even Internet Explorer 8 gets most of it right, returning the following in the console: "Tuesday. Possible values are true and false; the default is locale dependent. Modern Browsers Additionally, another date format was found to be valid in all modern browsers (using the Google supported browser guidelines a modern browser is the current and previous major release versions Full Year-Month Number-Date Number - Month and. A list of date formats to test against was generated by selecting from a list of date, month and year formats and combining them together using a separator. 384 Total Results Show All ResultsShow only valid in all browsersShow only valid in modern browsers Chrome Firefox Interner Explorer Opera date format.15 20 Y/m/d Y-m-d Y m d Ymd Y/m/j Y-m-j.

The problem I had run into was creating my Date objects directly using the MySQL date format of yyyy-mm-dd in the following way: new Date After a bit of testing I discovered that all modern browsers can. A useful and flexible way for formatting the DateTimes in JavaScript is Intl. Date d - date number with leading zeros - 09 j - date number without leading zeros - 9, month m - month number with leading zeros - 08 n - month number without leading zeros - 8, f - full month name, august. All was working fine as I built it using my browser of choice, Google Chrome, but once it came to testing in other browsers everything came crashing down as soon as I tried it using Internet Explorer. The representation of the day. Hour, the representation of the hour. In short, I am aware that date handling between browsers is inconsistent (dates2 in Chrome and Firefox differ, and dates3 just outright breaks in IE 8 but that is not my question. The Results, all Browsers, the results from all the test browsers were compiled and a total of 40 date formats were found to be valid in all browsers. Year, the representation of the year. For the general form and interpretation of the locales argument, see the Intl page.


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Weekday, the representation of the weekday. The Test, a date was picked at random to test against which was. Friday, 9th August 2013 and each date format would then be tested against this date constructed as new Date(2013, 7, 9) which I know to be a correct and valid Date object in all browsers. The following is a list of each format that was used (all are notated. Hour12, whether forbrenne alkohol kalkulator russejenter naken to use 12-hour time (as opposed to 24-hour time). TimeZoneName The representation of the time zone name. My question is: Why would Chrome and Firefox return yesterday's date for a yyyy-MM-DD formatted date string specifying today's date, when it works fine with slashes?

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DateTimeFormat object is a constructor for objects that enable language sensitive date and time formatting. A recent project I was working on required me to build a custom dynamic calendar in Javascript using a dataset from MySQL. Month, jenny skavlan sexy par søker mann the representation of the month. See the following paragraphs for information about the use of this property. DateTimeFormat: var date new Date var options year: 'numeric month: 'short day: '2-digit var _resultDate new Intl. Implementations are required to support at least the following subsets: weekday, year, month, day, hour, minute, second weekday, year, month, day year, month, day year, month month, day hour, minute, second hour, minute, implementations may support other subsets, and requests. Two algorithms are available for this negotiation and selected by the formatMatcher property: A fully specified "basic" algorithm and an implementation dependent "best fit" algorithm.